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Along with our partners, we design each year a series of events to highlight the latest innovations, celebrate sustainable packaging solutions and discover new product launches.

60 I&P experience by centdegrés!

Celebrating 60 years of Sino-French Friendship

The number “60” not only represents the rotation of minutes and hours. In Chinese culture, it also represents the centurial circulation.
In 2024, to celebrate the important moment of the 60th anniversary of Sino-French relations, as a global platform for cutting-edge packaging and innovation cooperation.
LUXE PACK SHANGHAI 2024 takes “60 Ingredients & Perspectives” as the theme, demonstrating the new times of cultural exchanges and packaging co-creation between China and France, through the aesthetics of fragrance.



World Premiere at LUXE PACK Shanghai 2024

A scented experience between art, essences and urbanism by LES EAUX PRIMORDIALES!

Join and discover the universe of the brand LES EAUX PRIMORDIALES through a unique installation where the freshness of the osmanthus will meet the coldness of the concrete.

Concrete blossom is an ode to the industri​al era that is a source of inspiration for the founder Arnaud Poulain while paying tribute to Asia with its iconic and scented flower.

Concrete blossom, a scented experience between art Shanghai aesthetic, natural essences knowledge and geometric shaping urbanism by LES EAUX PRIMORDIALES.​