Latest innovations, trends and technologies to watch in LUXE PACK Shanghai 23

LUXE PACK Shanghai will be back on April 12th and 13th, 2023 at Shanghai Exhibition Center.

Picture of LUXE PACK Shanghai 2021

In 2021, LUXE PACK Shanghai brought together 220 high-quality exhibitors and 6,079 professionals, 85% of whom were decision makers in different departments across all sectors:cosmetics & fragrance, jewelry & watches, fine food, fashion & accessories, wine & spirits and other premium brands. This year, LUXE PACK Shanghai will again gather a wide range of global suppliers of high-end and innovative packaging. They will showcase their latest solutions, including primary packaging, boxes, design, anti-counterfeiting, materials, smart packaging and other solutions, that address brands’ needs for innovation, sustainability, and high technology. To date, 95% of the booths have already been booked by leading packaging companies.


Picture of LUXE PACK Shanghai 2021

Reportlinker, a well-known French marketing consultancy, predicted Chinese sustainable packaging market will accelerate at a CAGR of 8.6% from 2020 to 2027, and reach 24.3 billion US dollars in 2027. In the meantime, since Chinese government put “carbon peak” and “neutrality targets” into a guiding document on the country’s work at the end of last year, sustainable packaging has become one of the largest trends of Chinese packaging industry.


At this year’s LUXE PACK Shanghai, many packaging with unique design will be displayed, and many of them integrate the sustainability concept, along with several conferences under the topic of sustainability.

Flairosol®, marketed by AFA Dispensing Group, is a next-gen spray and foam solution that ticks all the boxes of a variety of application areas. It combines sustainability with high performance, and convenience with premium quality. (top left picture)

The Mid-Autumn Festival gift box was designed for the 10th anniversary of Mi, by Jinjia Smartpackaging. Using innovative technology and creative packaging, it can both contain delicious moon cakes and also be a music box. It has multi-functions of entertainment, display and sustainability. (top right picture)

Qixi Little Blue Star gift box designed by Baixinglong uses rose glass cover, which symbolizes protection and care, and combines the aesthetic meaning of the merry go round to create a unique and exclusive romance for each girl. The base of the gift box is a drawer box for storing accessories. And the box is also a small night light, taking the concept of creativity and sustainability. (top left picture)

Mastermind Manufacture Limited works primarily with brand owners and brand licenses, by capturing their conceptual ideas and subsequently reflecting their brand concepts and marketing strategies into actual point of sale display units and retail fixtures, using distinctive layouts, colors and materials. (top middle picture)

Toppan developed an eco-friendly NFC tag that uses paper material to replace traditional PET film, reducing plastic usage to zero. The new circuit formation technology ensures the communication performance required for NFC tags. By making use of the flexible characteristics of paper, the antenna is damaged and communication is not possible after tearing, effectively preventing malicious reuse. (top right picture)


Several exclusive programs reflecting sustainability

Every year, the LUXE PACK in green jury selects the best sustainable packaging solutions and responsible initiatives of the exhibitors. 2023 winners of the LUXE PACK in green Awards Ceremony will be held on April 12th 2023 at 4pm, in the conference room. A jury composed of experts from Camus Yuanliu, Chanel, Coty, Jahwa, Richemont and Terracycle will be present.

Besides, LUXE PACK Shanghai 2023 & BETC DESIGN present the sustainable packaging manifest which was born to simplify current knowledge and unfold it into 9 best practices to help brands in their sustainability journey and prepare them for the future. Visitors may test their knowledge in eco-design, discuss green packaging needs and have fun in the sustainable packaging manifest area!

Apart from those eye-catching products and animations above, LUXE PACK Shanghai 2023 will also display more packaging solutions and market trends with innovation, sustainability and high technology elements, to meet all kinds of packaging demands from the brands. Speaking of why LUXE PACK Shanghai is always able to stay at the forefront of the industry and meet the market demands, it is necessary to mention the support from the advisory board, as well as a series of exclusive programs under relevant themes.


Advisory Board

The Advisory Board consists of experts from international and domestic luxury brands. In 2023, the organizer is honored to invite the following industry experts as Advisory Board members:

  • Celine CEN, Development & sourcing office manager, CHANEL CHINA
  • Yunlin DAI, Deputy general manager, product center of Jiangsu Yanghe distillery, YANGHE
  • Qilian WANG, President, RICHUN TEA
  • Julia ZHU, Director of LK research & development, MAOGEPING BEAUTY

A rich conference program

LUXE PACK Shanghai is also a dedicated platform for the professionals to share topics including sustainability, innovations, packaging design trends and high technologies. Visitors will discuss the upcoming trends of the industries with their peers within 2 days.

The conference of LUXE PACK Shanghai 2021


Special Guest of Honor of LUXE PACK Shanghai 2023: JUJUWANG; one of the three global talents to receive “Swarovski Designer of the Future Award”. JUJUWANG will deliver her visionary talk on April 13th at 1.10pm. in the conference room, to share her creative concepts and latest technique, by exploring the common ground between art, nature, and culture from the profound original works and interaction with artwork. Also don’t forget to visit Snowflakes, an installation by JUJUWANG in collaboration with Audemars Piguet, not-to-be missed on the show floor.

Installation “Snowflakes”



Besides, Cyril Camus, president of CAMUS group, will deliver “Breaking free of historical constraints to create timeless beauty” to discuss his vision for the industry & the rise of the ultra premium. Bin HU, co-founder of Future Matters will lead the panel “Creating new material codes for the green generation” on engineering the future generation of biomaterials, incorporating aesthetics and design principles to challenge the status quo of sustainability.

More exclusive animations and conferences will be revealed soon! Stay tuned!

Also you can access an updated programme on LUXE PACK Shanghai official website: and Wechat account (LUXE_PACK).

Please note LUXE PACK Shanghai 2023 is only open for professionals with badges. Do not forget to pre-register via official website: or Wechat account (LUXE_PACK).


Same date same location, LUXE PACK SHANGHAI will once again share the show floor with MakeUp in Shanghai, the BtoB skincare and makeup event in China.


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