“FUTUROLOGY: the future of fragrance “

“FUTUROLOGY: the future of fragrance ”

project showcase from NACAA


Project introduction

The development of fragrance culture is influenced by the evolution of civilizations around the world. From ancient Egypt to Chinese dynasties, the impression of fragrance in human perception has subtly influenced the definition of sensory experience in different cultural environments, and with the development of the times and the process of globalization, it has promoted the deep integration of cultures. In the current era of digital society, the integration of cultural traditions, values and behaviors around the world has made the design trend strategy of “globalization” and “localization” a topic that international perfume and fragrance brands and designers often encounter. “Design is a projection of culture, and it must always be guided by the culture of the target audience. »

Matthieu Rochette-Schneider

French Dean of NACAA & General Manager of centdegrés Greater China


Anne-Sophie GAUVIN