“5S”, A fragrance journey from Grasse to Shanghai!

We are entering in a post-coronavirus world. Fragrances are becoming the fastest growing segment of the cosmetics industry in the global market. In parallel, China is becoming the leading market for fragrance with exponential opportunities for local and international brands.

In this context, the 5S Booth will amuse, intrigue, and play with your senses.

           Let’s step together into the 5S unique journey brought to you by centdegrés and LUXE PACK, and let’s explore the perfume industry that is getting more fascinating than ever.

S such as South : The ancient perfume culture is bred in many charming towns and areas in the South of France. Each one has its special natural conditions and attracts the noses and perfume lovers all over of world. Grasse, the historical, and still today, capital of perfume will be the guest of honor in this experience.

S such as Stories of nature and people: violets, roses, lavender, chamomile, jasmine, lemongrass, orange blossom… Each town has its own representative ingredients. These are nature’s gifts to this paradise of scents. Within the experience 5S, come discover how packaging can illustrate at its best these stories.

S such as Scents: Here, plants and flowers absorb perfect natural nutrition and essence. Precious natural raw materials, mixed with unique sunshine, this treasure has been passed down to us through hundreds of years.

S such as Savoir-faire: After the era of “perfumed leather gloves” in the 16th and 17th centuries, Grasse, our guest of honor this year, had its own perfume factory. Later, thanks to the perfume craze of the French upper class in the 19th century, Grasse became a meeting place for perfumers. Since 2018, Grasse’s know-how related to perfume, such as the cultivation of perfume plants, the knowledge and processing of natural raw materials, and the art of perfume configuration, has been included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

S such as Senses: An immersive visual experience on the exhibition site:  seeing, smelling, touching, listening and tasting 5 types of sensory experiences are intertwined, feeling the stylish and atmosphere of the south of France, surrounded by the aroma of Grasse’s high-end fragrance series.

Once again, LUXE PACK and centdegrés are waiting for you in Shanghai on April 12-13th, for the great reveal of their 5S journey: new booth, new experience, new feelings, new discoveries about the packaging of tomorrow.

Close your eyes, you are on the French Riviera!​​