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APRIL 7 - 8, 2021
Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai

MAOGEPING beauty brand was established by Mr. MAO Geping, the makeup artist, in 2000, adhering to the concept of “Aesthetics of Light and Shadow”. The brand has perfectly matched the oriental beauty concept with that of light and shadow in western aesthetics.



“Grace and Flavor of the East”

“Grace and Flavor of the East” series is a bold attempt of MAOGEPING beauty brand to the traditional cross-border trend. The static exhibition adopts the black and gold colors in the gold clay painting as the main color, which shows the majestic spirit of the court. With magnolia, silk fan, beauty, the paint A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains and a variety of the Imperial Palace Museum collections as inspirations, the exhibition is full of the flourishing scenes with all the splendid splendor in it.

Responding to everyone's expectation, Mr. Mao Geping uses beauty products to reproduce the treasures covered with dust and hidden in time, and describes the extreme beauty in traditional culture in a delicate way. Integration of the pattern design of the Imperial Palace Museum collections and the inspiration of oriental aesthetics into the beauty products vividly display the implicit and introverted temperament of Chinese people, the oriental beauty of Chinese makeup and the long and profound Chinese culture.







Come and meet Mr. MAO Geping at his conference on July 8, at 10:30 AM !

For more inspiration, visit his booth in the Dome Hall.