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JULY 7 - 8, 2020
Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai

Biography Xinmin KE

Xinmin KE
Xinmin KE,
Brand packaging Senior Manager



Mr. Xinmin KE

Senior Manager of Brand Packaging, Beijing TongRenTang Health Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd


Mr. KE works as the Senior Manager of Brand Packaging, Product Project Manager of New Retail Business and the 4.0 Packaging Design Project Manager in Beijing TongRenTang Health Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, and has completed the brand renovation, product structure planning, product positioning and product package image planning & design during the strategic transformation period of the company. He pays attention to creating a better shopping experience with the trend of innovation for customers in the fields of product innovation and package design. He used to work in the famous design agency Dongdao Creative Branding Group and the brand management department of JDB Group. He has made the brand renovation and packaging design for many domestic enterprises and has unique insights on the application of packaging materials and new techniques.