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JULY 7 - 8, 2020
Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai

Biography Alice LIU

Alice LIU
Alice LIU,
Eco-friendly Packaging Technology Chief Editor of Packaging Manager Magazine - M.success Media Group


Alice Liu joined in M.success Media Group in 2015, and she is very concerned about R&D, innovation and application of eco-friendly packaging technologies in domestic and overseas; she had ever served as the overseas editor of "Packaging Manager" magazine, responsible for translating the overseas packaging awards for Packaging & Brand Column; In 2017, she participated in the selection work of “2017 China e-commerce packaging pioneer award” and the planning work of “green materials orientation meeting ”during M.success packaging innovation forum.

Now, she has been committed to information exchange work of eco-friendly packaging technologies, and hopes the information platform “Packaging Manager” can drive the packaging industry chain to research, innovate, upgrade and apply the eco-friendly packaging, and jointly promote the process of green packaging in China.