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APRIL 8 & 9, 2020
Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai

Biography Chuanxi GU

Chuanxi GU
Chuanxi GU,
Deputy Dean, Shanghai INSTITUTE of VISUAL ARTS


Gu Chuanxi is a professor at Shanghai Institute of Visual Art: he is vice dean of School of design. He also owns the Shanghai Chuanxi Art Design Studio and works as director of the Asian Arts and Science Association and president of Shanghai Packaging Design Committee. Gu Chuanxi’s works have won many awards. He is renowned as the trailblazer of 21st century packaging design in China.


Vice Dean of School of Design at Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts;

President of Shanghai Packaging Design Committee;

Founder of Shanghai Chuanxi Arts Design Studio;

Director of Asian Arts and Science Association;

Director of Shanghai Industrial Designer Association;

Member of Shanghai Packaging Design Association;

Awarded with the Greatest Young Designer in Shanghai;

100 Most Influential Designers and Design Institutions in Shanghai, 2008;

Gu Chuanxi Original Master Design Studio, 2009;

Outstanding Contributions to the Design Academia in Shanghai, 2011;

Shanghai Chuanxi Art Design Studio was awarded with “ The Most Creative Design Institution in China”, 2011;

The Most Influential Professor in Shanghai, 2012;

Hong Kong Yongfa Cup, First Place in Creative Design Instructor, 2012-2013;

China Packaging Design Association, First Place in Creative Design Instructor, 2014-2015.