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JULY 7 - 8, 2020
Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai

  • Conference
    from 09:30 am
    to 10:15 am

    Beauty trends: What’s up in makeup and skin care

    The Chinese skin care market is becoming one of the largest in the world.  Chinese consumers are now very demanding, and savvy, not only when selecting their skin care products but also in makeup.  What does it mean in terms of future development in Beauty?

  • Conference
    from 10:30 am
    to 11:30 am

    Cross artistic inspirations, China - Western World - How two celebrities foresee creation in the luxury sector?

    Keynotes by:


    • Chafik GASMI, CEO & Creative Director of CHAFIK STUDIO 
    • Geping MAO, Brand Founder, MAOGEPING BEAUTY 


    Followed by a round table moderated by Charles-Emmanuel GOUNOD, Beautyworld Connexions

    • Geping MAO - Brand Founder - MAOGEPING BEAUTY
    • Moderated by Charles-Emmanuel Gounod - CEO & Founder - Beautyworld Connexions
  • Conference
    from 11:45 am
    to 12:45 pm

    E-commerce: How to leverage the packaging to make your brand stand out?


    Round table with selected exhibitors from LUXE PACK and MakeUp in... and their latest achievements.


    The packaging is the must-pass during the purchasing journey despite the evolution of the marketplace nowadays – E-commerce & Omni-channels. The discussion will cover the topic of how does a brand create better customer engagement within China’s digitalization, how does a brand build a strong connection with its customer via today's or future’s packaging?

    • Moderated by Yuwan HU - COO - DAXUE CONSULTING
    • Grace LIU - Creative Expert - TMALL
  • Conference
    from 01:30 pm
    to 02:15 pm

    The Green & Natural trends in Beauty

    More and more, consumers in China, as in the rest of the world, are looking for more clean, natural, green beauty products. What is the impact on formulation in skin care and makeup?  What does it mean for our packaging?

    • Moderated by Charles-Emmanuel Gounod - CEO & Founder - Beautyworld Connexions
  • Conference
    from 02:30 pm
    to 03:15 pm

    Wines & Spirits in China: from culture inspirations to design creation

    • Moderated by Christophe PRADERE - Founder and CEO - BETC DESIGN
    • Guohua SHU - R&D Director - VATS GROUP
  • Conference
    from 03:30 pm
    to 04:15 pm

    Back to their roots, a winning strategy for Chinese brands

    Local Chinese brands with content and / or long history are today more and more meaningful to young Chinese consumers and many westerns brands have been looking at playing on cross overs with Chinese brands.

    During this talk we will discuss about this trend known in China as “Guochao”.

    • Moderated by Louis HOUDART - Founder CREATIVE CAPITAL
    • Holly KIM - Head of Data Business - Measure China
    • Arnaud CASTEL - Founder - Kapok