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APRIL 8 - 9, 2020
Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai

  • Conference
    from 09:30 am
    to 10:15 am

    Digital & e-commerce strategy to engage the Chinese luxury consumer in 2019

    With the testimonies of luxury brands


    This session will explore the most effective strategies to engage the Chinese luxury consumer. Discover how industry leaders in Fashion Retail, Beauty and Watch & Jewelry are leveraging digital and e-commerce channels to cultivate customer loyalty and drive conversions.

    • Moderated by Adrien FABRY - General Manager - PHOCEIS AGENCY
    • Ada SU - Founder - MIXX
    • Lao YANG - E-commerce CEO - AFU
    • Jiang GUOZHEN - Founder - NXC
  • Conference
    from 10:30 am
    to 11:15 am

    Main trends and new influcences in Wines & Spirits packaging: when it deals with digitalization and ritualisation.....

    In a world driven by social media, on line sales and brand content take an important dimension, and packaging a new role in “Brand product experience”, freed from its only original logistic role…

    • Moderated by Christophe PRADERE - Founder and CEO - BETC DESIGN
    • Anna KIM - Brand Activation Manager - CAMUS YUANLIU
    • Shaokun SUN - Vice General Manager of Wine Sales Company - YANTAI CHANGYU PIONEER WINE
    • Guy MIDDLETON - General Manager Innovation APAC - DIAGEO
  • Conference
    from 11:30 am
    to 12:15 pm

    Appetite for Luxuries in China

    In this context of spreading of influence of China, what does luxury mean for Chinese People? Long associated with status and ostentatiousness, luxury is enriched today : partying, enthusiasm, appetite for discovering and living well. A genuine culture of luxury Chinese-style is emerging, going very much beyond the cliché of logotypes tattooed from head to foot #festivetime, #greenluxury, #asiantouch, #holism.

    • Elizabeth PANNETIER - CEO and Founder - PERSPECTIVES LAB
    • Aurélie CHAFFEL - Associate Director - PERSPECTIVES LAB
  • Workshop
    from 01:00 pm
    to 01:30 pm

    LUXE PACK innovative materials by neuni materiO

    • Lyla WU - Founder & CEO, neuni materiO
  • Conference
    from 01:45 pm
    to 02:45 pm

    Smart packaging is beautiful

    In the presence of selected exhibitors.


    • Moderated by Changhai HUANG - Chief Editor - SHANGHAI PACKAGING MAGAZINE
  • Conference
    from 03:00 pm
    to 03:45 pm

    "Play" the Perfume...

    We have been looking forward to the "perfume era" for a long time. In current social age, perfume development is full of potential. Offline experience, online interaction, from smell to production to packaging, each link has a charming atmosphere, and the younger generation has a high acceptance of this..... All these inspire us to think again - how on earth should we "play" it?

    • Moderated by Susie WEN - Editor in Chief - HAPPI CHINA
    • Jian LI - CEO - BOITOWN
    • Yali GUO - Marketing Director - BEAUTY SCENES
    • Tristan WU - Fine Fragrance Account Manager - GIVAUDAN CHINA
    • Umberto de MARTINO - Managing Director - ESSENTIA BEAUTY